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[Industry News] Micron's $3 billion expansion of the factory will affect the memory market?


Recently, the major memory manufacturer Micron announced that it plans to invest US$3 billion in the next 12 years (before 2030) to expand its factory in Virginia, USA.

Micron plans to build an additional "clean room" of approximately 9,290 square meters for manufacturing memory chips in an existing plant in Manassas, Virginia, and currently employs approximately 1,500 employees. It is expected that after the expansion is completed, 1,100 permanent jobs will be created for engineers and technicians.

According to a previous survey conducted by TrendForce's Semiconductor Research Center (DRAMeXchange), due to continued tight supply, the overall DRAM quotation has been driven up. In the second quarter of 2018, the global DRAM revenue reached 25.691 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.3% from the previous quarter. Among them, Micron contributed $5.541 billion in revenue, and revenue increased by 6.3% quarterly.

As the world's third-largest DRAM memory manufacturer, will Micron's expansion of its plant have an impact on the growth of its own supply bits or the overall memory market?

In this regard, Wu Yating, senior research associate of DRAMeXchange, believes that at this stage, Micron’s expansion plan in Virginia not only responds to the U.S. government’s policy of encouraging local investment, but also focuses on the product life cycle in certain consumer and automotive fields. Extended demand.

Therefore, the initial plant expansion plan is mainly based on the production of DDR3 or earlier products, and the production technology is not the most advanced process now, mainly 20nm or older technology, which basically contributes to Micron’s supply of bit growth or the overall industry There will be no drastic effects.

However, it is worth observing that the major manufacturers Samsung Semiconductor and SK Hynix or small suppliers including Nanya Technology are optimistic about the follow-up market conditions and have sufficient cash levels. They all have plans to build factories. These new plants will be completed one after another around the end of 2020, and only the implementation of real capacity additions may have a major impact on the industry.

Source: [Global Semiconductor Watch] WeChat public account, thank you.

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